Currently a staff software engineer at Google working on Google Consumer Surveys. Started full-time after college in 2007. Interned in 2006.


Love trailrunning, backpacking, bouldering, ice-climbing, cooking... Also keeping busy traveling around with the girl.


Born and raised in Seattle, attended University of Washington. Have been working in SF since. Now spending more and more time in Tahoe.

Google Consumer Surveys. Helping publishers monetize content.

First fulltime engineer on the project. Helped grow the team, define the project and explore the space. Initial prototypes helped fund the project and sign initial publishers. Our team emphasizes full-stack engineering so I have helped work on and define most every piece of the project. Nate Silver found our results to be extremely accurate in predicting the 2012 presidential election. Wikipedia summary

example of survey question format

example of ripples visualization

Google+ Ripples. Visualizing information flow.

Reminiscent of some research I did at UW, this project explored ways to visualize information flow on social networks. Internal demos using the Twitter firehose helped recruit Fernanda Viegas and Martin Wattenberg to the project. We explored many prototypes and the final version launched for Google+ and was written about for WWW2013.

Google FastFlip. News browsing.

First project as a tech lead, managed by Krishna Bharat. The goal was to let users quickly browse a set of articles before clicking off to a publisher's site. It was fairly experimental and available on Google Labs for a few years. Wikipedia summary

screenshot of fastflip homepage UI