Enchantments through run

Started at Stuart Lake trailhead, up to Colchuck lake, over Aasgard Pass, back down to Snow Lake trailhead where we had stashed a car. The three of us had all hiked through the area previously so had a good idea of what the trail would be.

The weather was atrocious! Our original group of "maybe 7" had shrunk to 3 once the day got close. Up high it was rainy, in the 30's and windy. At least we knew what we were getting into?

We passed some miserable looking backpackers, some other runners complaining about how un-safe the day was but we had a blast. Wool and gore-tex kind of day.

Strava didn't have GPS that day, but it was something like 18 miles and 4.5 hours. Beer in Leavenworth after, then back home to see the little guy.