Alpine Meadows Twin Peaks Loop

Start at my house (Upper Bench Road near Alpine Meadows) and head up Snow Creek trail as if heading for Scott Peak. Skip the turn for Scott Peak, instead head for Deer Park / TRT. Follow the Tahoe Rim Trail all the way to Twin Peaks then hang a right onto the PCT heading north. Follow it past Ward Peak to the Five Lakes Basin. From there drop back to Alpine Meadows and return home.

I had dreamed about this loop for ages! A nice big mountain loop with no driving and little pavement. The only trick is there aren't easy spots to cut distance if things go wrong and there isn't any water between Five Lakes and Ward Creek. It is around 20 miles and 4 hours.

At the PCT junction I met some backpackers who asked what I was training for besides life, turns out they had run Hardrock decades back!