Eagle Falls, Dicks Pass, Lake Aloha, Mosquito Pass, Velma Lakes Loop

Start at Eagle Falls trailhead, head up past Eagle Lake towards Velma Lakes. Either go all the way to Velma or take the earlier turn off to Dicks Lake and make it up to Dicks Pass (over 9k ft). Cruise between a bunch of lakes to get to Aloha. Traverse the north side of Aloha to go over Mosquito Pass, then coast down through China Flat. Easy going through here until a long climb back up to Velma Lakes. At this point the loop is complete, finish the lollipop back to Eagle Falls.

Snuck this in right before winter! Some early season snow made me think it wasn't going to happen, but the weather was glorious. I was visiting on a short trip so had no time to get accustomed to the altitude. Dicks Pass was my decision point for whether to do the loop or not, but at that point I would feeling great and couldn't resist. 25 miles and 6 hours overall.

I did this loop as a two night backpacking trip in 2015 and have done many other short trips in the area so everywhere felt familiar. I did forget about late October having ealier sunsets and should have brought a head lamp.

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